Music and Art

At. St. Luke’s, art and music are vital components of worship. The choirs and instrumental groups do not “perform” for the congregation; rather they lead and participate with it in worship.

Sunday, October 6, 2013. Rev. Dr. Sunny Kang's first worship service at St. Luke's
The Kirk Choir

The Kirk Choir, directed by Dr. Stephen Pu, sings from September through June.  Rehearsals are held on Thursday  evenings from September to May. Our talented Accompanist Tris Duncan provides lively instrumental support on the piano to both the choir and our congregation.

The Chadwick Handbell Choir is a dedicated group of musicians whose harmonious sounds enliven our worship frequently. They also practice Thursday evenings from September to May.

We welcome anyone who wishes to participate in the Kirk Choir or Chadwick Handbell Choir.  Call the church office for details.

The Jazz Combo, a varied group of enthusiastic instrumentalists, performs on the first Sunday of each month. This is a popular change in our worship style one Sunday a month, greatly enjoyed by our congregation.

St. Luke’s Organ, donated by long-time congregation member Pearl Kim, is played at our Communion Service on the fourth Sunday of each month.

church patio

The setting of St. Luke’s is itself a work of art, the landscaping providing a beautiful context for worship, for fellowship after worship, and for quiet meditation at any time.

The cross at the front of the sanctuary focuses our eyes on the central symbol of our faith, Christ’s self-giving love for all people.

tapestryThe tapestry over the entry to our sanctuary was designed by John Nava, an artist who created a series of these tapestries for The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles.  St. Luke’s thanks community member John Stevens for donating this beautiful and meaningful work of art.

The stained glass window in our sanctuary was a gift from the members and friends who went on pilgrimage to Europe in 1996. It was designed in Chartres, France.

The graceful sculpture on our patio is entitled “Resurrection”.  Itsculpture was created by sculptor Neil Lieberman and donated to St. Luke’s in 1987 by George and Marilyn Kuehn Barr in honor and memory of the donors’ friends and family.  The striking piece adds a sense of serenity and focus to St. Luke’s garden.