Mission and Vision

crossWe are followers of Jesus who are amazed by the gifts that God has given us, and we share and pay forward these gifts to those around us. We seek to do this by following Jesus’ example of inclusion and welcome to all; We seek to do this in our worship, which connects scripture and the teaching of Jesus to today’s questions and challenges; We seek to do this with our music, praising God and sharing the gift of music with the community; We seek to do this through outreach and mission, supporting families and those who assist families; We seek to do this through Christian Education and by serving as role models for children and youth; and We seek to do this by providing leadership in environmental and social justice issues.

July Mission

St. Luke’s July mission is Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF), a network of peacemakers called to be movers and shakers within the PC(USA) and beyond by participating in God’s nonviolent work of love, peace, and justice in the world. This month PPF is actively advocating peace in Israel and Palestine by organizing an Interfaith Network for Justice in Palestine Delegation to Israel and Palestine from July 22 to August 4, for which Sunny is a delegate.  With support from the PC(USA), it trains volunteers for the Columbia Accompaniment Program to provide a ministry of presence for Columbians in their struggles for justice at home and to advocate for them in the United States. It partners with nearly a dozen small Peace Communities doing transformational and inspirational work for the rights of the homeless and of immigrants and against systemic violence caused by cycles of poverty. Its Gun Violence Prevention Toolkit provides resources encouraging churches to discuss and take action to stop the epidemic of American gun deaths.  From supporting pacifists in their claim to conscientious objection sixty years ago to supporting nonviolent direct action in situations of conflict today, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is committed to following the Prince of Peace. Please support its peacemaking efforts generously.

Jan Gardner, Mission Chair