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January Mission

January Mission:  St. Luke’s January Mission is the Torrance Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). As of June last year, the Torrance DCFS had 1563 children referred for evaluation with 5% requiring removal from their homes. The staff of 88 social workers handled 1751 cases with resultant workloads of 15 cases for emergency evaluation, 25 cases for general neglect referrals and 17 cases each for dependency investigators. St. Luke’s is also an active member of the DCFS Faith Council through which local churches assist foster families by providing visitation sites, community resources  and special activities. Your January benevolences will replenish St. Luke’s DCFS Emergency Assistance Fund which purchased four cribs and two sets of bunk beds in 2016 to enable foster families to meet the county requirements to keep their children.  Please support the important work of the Torrance Department of Children and Family Services in protecting children and strengthening families with extra generosity. Jan Gardner, Mission Chair




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